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These forms are used for all demand deposit, savings, certificate of deposits,
retirement reporting, exception item processing and loan notification.

"Flex" forms LFN-601 and LFN-602 are to be used if you utilize OMR coding
for forms stuffing equipment. Also used for post net bar coding.
LFN 201
LFN 601
FORM NO. LFN 201  (Cut Sheet)
FORM NO. LFN 601  (Cut Sheet)
LFN 602
Backer 602
FORM NO. LFN 602  (Cut Sheet)
FORM NO. LFN 602 BACKER  (Cut Sheet)
LFN-201 Account Notice:  Used for all notices plus
IRA and loan statements.
LFN-602 Loan Billing Notice:  Used for all loan notices.
LFN-601 Account Notice:  Used for all notices plus
EIM notification with Premier Image product check.
Perforation on the form is optional.
LFN-602 Loan Billing Notice Backer