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OSI is a supplier for all Premier® software related forms and documents
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Office Systems Inc. is a supplier of all forms associated with Premier software.
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Audit Confirm.
Flex Statement With Backer
These forms are to be used if you utilize  OMR coding for statement stuffing equipment or utilize  Premier Image product (check image statement). Also used for post net bar coding.
Cut Sheet Notices
Used for all notices plus EIM Notification with Premier Image product (check image statement).
W-9 & B-Notice
With W-9
Proof Control
CAR Proof Documents
Teller Receipts
Variety of applications:  Interest, Account Payable, and Dividend.
Christmas and Holiday Club checks.
Window envelopes used for mailing and distribution of all custom forms.
Audit Confirmation Notices
Used for all applications. Software options allow for both negative and positive confirmations.
W-9 and B-Notice with W-9
Used for verification of individual's social security number or taxpayer's identification number.
Proof Control Documents
Used for normal daily transactions and as an audit trail, regardless of the type of proof equipment your institution utilizes.
Proof Documents - CAR
Similar to conventional documents only with Courtesy Amount Read and Imaging.
Teller Receipts
Documents for normal daily transactions.
Other Forms
Stock Certificates, Labels, IRD Documents and Other Forms
Forms Order Worksheet
CAR Worksheet